Adventure Medical Kits Dental Medic Kit

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With a lightweight, portable design and top-quality components, the Adventure Medical Kits Dental Medic Kit is essential for emergency preparedness in a variety of travel situations. Treat dental pain and injury when a dentist isn’t available with this complete first aid kit for teeth. Carry along this dental first aid kit on any trip where access to a dentist may be hours or days away. With basic supplies like floss, cotton, and oral aesthetic to more advanced components like temporary cavity filling mixture and dental wax, this kit allows you to replace fillings and crowns and stop tooth pain. Specialized instructions explain how to manage various dental emergencies. Each kit is packaged in a DryFlex Medic pouch that weigh next to nothing, fit just about anywhere, and keep water out of your kit.Treat dental pain and injury when a dentist isn’t available with this complete first aid kit for teeth.
Carry along this dental first aid kit on any trip where access to a dentist may be hours or days away.
With basic supplies like floss, cotton, and oral aesthetic to more advanced components like temporary cavity filling mixture and dental wax, this kit allows you to replace fillings and crowns and stop tooth pain.
Specialized instructions explain how to manage various dental emergencies. Each kit is packaged in a DryFlex Medic pouch that weigh next to nothing, fit just about anywhere, and keep water out of your kit.

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Dehydrating Baked Beans

When it comes to dehydrating foods I have got to be one of the biggest experimenters in the nation. I am a firm believer that if it can be eaten it can be dehydrated. Over the years I have dehydrated eggs, milk and an assortment of other unusual meal items.

Our recent experiment with dehydrating baked beans proved to be a total success. We took a common inexpensive, "Save-A-Lot" can of baked beans and placed them as they were into our food dehydrator. We turned it on to approximately 175 degrees and let it run overnight (about 8 hours or so). The exact time is not important as long as the finished product is completely dried.

When we checked the dehydrator tray the following morning we found the beans had successfully dehydrated and were now ready for breaking up to place in jars. With a kitchen glove covering our hands we broke the clumps of dried beans up until we had an assortment of individual beans. Do not grind them up or you will have bean powder and not baked beans.

With this step completed it was now time to reconstitute some of our beans to see how well the process worked. It does no good to dehydrate a food if no one will eat it. We took about one cup or so of our dried beans and placed them into a container. After which we covered the beans enough water to completely cover every bean in the container. You may have to add a little more water as the beans start to absorb it. After 4 or 5 minutes we tasted them. They were okay but my wife thought they were rather bland.

Not to be put off by the blandness I whipped up a batch of dehydrated baked beans and hot dogs. While they were cooking I added a dash or two of Worchester sauce and some of my favorite BBQ sauce. Exact amounts will vary with taste. After the mixture had warmed up properly, I tasted them and believe me the difference in taste was fantastic. Feel free to add any type of spices which you would normally feel comfortable using in your usual beans. Keep in mind that you could very well add dehydrated hamburger or sausage to them in order to enhance the flavor.

In view of the success of this experiment, I will now dehydrate our complete supply of canned baked beans. You should be able to place approximately four or five cans of dehydrated beans in one pint jar. I am sure you will agree that is a considerable savings in space.

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Source by Joseph Parish

Top Outdoor Survival Tools

Having the right outdoor survival tools can make the difference between life and death in emergency and rescue situations. The following are some of the most important outdoor survival tools to carry when you set out into the wild.

A good, portable knife is one of the most basic survival tools to have. It comes in handy when you need to cook food or build an emergency shelter. CRKT and BUCK are two good knife makers that manufacture sturdy, easy to carry blades, some with LED lights.

Protein Bars
Hunting for food when you’re in a survival type situations can take more calories out of you than is worth it. A good batch of high-calorie protein bars will keep you alive and give you the energy you need so you can focus on getting yourself to safety.

A flashlight will illuminate your way but also help make you more visible to rescue parties in the event that you get stuck or lost. Burton makes good outdoor flashlights. Some that come with LED bulbs, like the streamlight flashlight take up less battery and have different light intensity settings.

If you’re trapped or lost and need to call for help, having a whistle can literally be the difference between life and death. Your voice will get hoarse and run out after a few minutes of screaming. A whistle, on the other hand, takes less energy out of you. You can use it for hours and its sound will carry further and louder than a human voice.

First-Aid Kit
First-aid kits are a definite must-have. Even a small cut left untreated can cause big trouble when you’re miles away from civilization. Pelican makes good first-aid kit cases that let you pack all the important things without taking up too much space. You’ll want to include, among other things, antibiotic cream and Quick Clot or Celox, for stopping heavy bleeding.

Butane Lighter
A lighter can be a lifesaver in wet weather. It makes starting a fire much easier and efficient. Burton Firestorm lighter is especially made for the outdoors. It’s tough, waterproof and can be refilled.


Bison survive overtime thriller against Charleston Southern – Grand Forks Herald

FARGO — In the first overtime college football game North Dakota State has ever played in the Fargodome, the top-ranked Bison hung on for a 24-17 season-opening win over sixth-ranked Charleston Southern Saturday night, Aug. 26, in front of 18,881 Fargodome fans and a nationwide ESPN television audience.

Getting the ball first in the overtime, NDSU scored on its first play when King Frazier bounced off a tackle at the line of scrimmage and ran 25 yards for a touchdown.

Charleston Southern, getting its overtime turn at the 25-yard-line, failed to score when Jaylaan Wimbush broke up a fourth-down pass in the end zone.

The Bison, the five-time defending national champions in FCS football, got all they could handle from Charleston Southern, which has 16 starters back from last year’s playoff team.

Charleston Southern nearly ended the game in regulation but Jacob Smoak’s 51-yard field goal attempt as time expired sailed just wide left of the uprights.

The Bison took a 17-10 lead with 10:34 remaining on RJ Urzendowski’s 47-yard touchdown reception. But Charleston Southern tied it with 2:59 remaining on a Mike Holloway 6-yard touchdown run.

The Bison defense was playing without All-American linebacker Nick DeLuca since early in the second half. DeLuca left the game with an apparent shoulder injury.

After a 3-3 halftime tie, Charleston Southern scored right away to open the second half when Mike Holloway carried the ball twice for 69 yards—the last carry a 47-yard touchdown that gave the Buccaneers a 10-3 lead.

But NDSU responded on its next drive to score its first touchdown of the game. A 58-yard scoring drive was capped with Easton Stick’s 23-yard touchdown pass to Darrius Shepherd to tie the score 10-10 with 10:02 remaining of the third quarter.

In the first half, both teams missed field goals until Jacob Smoak’s 46-yard boot gave Charleston Southern a 3-0 lead with 9:51 left of the second quarter. NDSU’s Cam Pederson booted a career-high 52-yard field goal that bounced off the crossbar to tie the score as time expired.

While the Bison offense generated only 132 yards of total offense in the first half, the defense limited Charleston Southern to 71 total yards.

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The Menace of Street Children

1. Overview

The problem of street children is found almost in every part of the world. Street children are homeless, spend day and night on the street, have no one to take care of them, are without shelter, usually do petty jobs to survive, become beggars, or victims of sexual abuse and other social transgressions.

They live in abandoned buildings, parks, auto garages, workshops and under the open sky. They are deprived of family care and protection. They can not assimilate in society and become a liability rather than an asset. Lacking education, they turn into a work force that has no future. Mostly these are teenagers but some are as small as between seven years to twelve years.

2. Causes

There can be many causes behind this problem. These include;

  • Rampant poverty,
  • Domestic violence,
  • Family breakdown,
  • Orphans,
  • Armed conflicts,
  • Displacement,
  • Famine,
  • Natural calamities,
  • Physical and sexual abuse,
  • Exploitation by adults,
  • Urbanization and overcrowding,
  • Acculturation,
  • Diseases and others.

Due to these causes children become subject of neglect, abuse, exploitation, and sometimes even murder. They move to big cities in order to find work for their survival. They feel frightened and helpless. They can not even save themselves from weather cruelties and have no access to medicine when they fall ill. Having no qualification, education or necessary skills to adjust in the society, they become disconnected and end up on streets.

3. Categories

Street children can mainly be found in two categories. One that becomes the bully type or the ones who learn to survive through means considered illegal in civilized society. They end up doing criminal or unethical activities. Their activities may vary from picking pockets to vandalism, from theft to dacoity, from rape to murder, from dealing in drugs to child trafficking. They become protege of gangsters, face police torture and sometimes become violent to strangers.

It all begins with the basic instinct of survival. A street child will do anything to survive. He would be first afraid of doing anything illegal but would do it when he is hard pressed to do so. As illiterate and without professional training, they face difficulty in finding proper jobs. Also public has overwhelmingly negative views about them. The public views them with suspicion and fear while many would like them to disappear. Street children fall prey to illegal activities, sometimes in reaction to the above mentioned discretionary attitude towards them and sometimes in order to sustain themselves.

Many of this type of street children become juvenile offenders and find a place in overcrowded prisons. There they have every chance of becoming hardened criminals. They even subject their fellow street children to do their bidding. Some become members of street gangs, drugs mafia and child trafficking rackets. They form their own pressure groups. These are exploited and manipulated by the more powerful people like private business proprietors, civilians, law enforcement personnel and security agencies.

The second category of street children includes those who have become victim of their fellows and other man made problems. They lack the tactics, will power or physical endurance to keep abreast with the demand of their tough life. These are the ones most vulnerable to social evils like physical and sexual abuse, torture, exploitation, child trafficking, begging and drugs among others. Girls and minor boys may be subjected to prostitution or other sexual activities by force, coercion or fraud.

4. Child trafficking, an example

Child trafficking is one particular example of the horrors faced by these children. The victims of child trafficking are mostly from second category of street children. They are recruited, transported, harboured and received for different exploitative purposes. Trafficking may include such pervasive purposes as forced labour, servitude, slavery and removal of organs, or it may include such illicit activities as prostitution, sexual exploitation, early marriages, child soldiers and begging. United Nations and other NGOs are working continuously in countering this practice. Many governments have also made laws to prevent this practice.

In developing countries they form a source of cheap labour. House-maids, workshop boys, hotel servants, couriers, delivery boys, baby sitters and even servants can be seen to form a pool of cheap labour.

A particular such case is that of South Asian children being trafficked to Middle East as camel jockeys. These children are kept in unhealthy congested places with no or limited access to basic amenities of life. They are then blindfolded and made to ride a camel in races. Their food and other wages are tied with their performance in the races. If a child does not perform well, he may be tortured or kept without food for days.

5. Major problems street children face

Major problems faced by these children are;

  • Hunger,
  • Diseases,
  • Loneliness,
  • Delinquency,
  • Uncleanliness,
  • Prostitution,
  • Violence,
  • Slavery,
  • Child trafficking, and
  • Abuse

These are the problems mostly faced by the street children but to eliminate these problems effectively we have to solve some more important problems first. These include;

  • Illiteracy,
  • Professional training,
  • Help in setting up their future,
  • Sense of alienation, and
  • Absence of love

6. Some work done

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child provides the basic framework to protect street children. Though most governments have ratified the above said treaty, they have failed to protect these children. Governments find no economic leverage in their welfare. Also these children have no right of vote and no share in governance. So the governments pay little heed to them. Mostly, when governments do tend to find a solution, they put these children in orphanages, juvenile homes or correction centres. Sometimes, governments work in collaboration with NGOs on many programmes aimed at welfare of these children.

7. Suggestions

The problem of street children can be handled properly if we could develop a multi-pronged strategy that works for the welfare and ease of both the society and the child.
This may involve;

  • Advocacy of the cause of street children,
  • Community support and education,
  • Residential rehabilitation programmes,
  • Full-care residential homes, and
  • Other such programmes.

Some NGOs have successfully applied the following strategies;

  • Special targeted feeding programmes providing these children with food supplements,
  • Providing free medical services to these children,
  • Legal assistance in claiming their rights and standing on their own feet,
  • Education in an environment which helps them to learn rather than forcing them to avoid schools,
  • Family re-unification where possible,
  • Night shelter centres and drop-in centres for them,
  • Psychological and moral support providing better integration into mainstream population,
  • Changing attitude of street children towards their circumstances making more self aware and self-relying.

Source by Sajid Sadeem

How to Survive Divorce Financially: Steps to Take to Survive a Divorce Financially

You have to learn how to financially survive a divorce.  This is very important because it is a fact that divorce will take a big toll on your finances.  Essentially, your financial situation will be less rosy immediately after the divorce.  If you are the breadwinner of the family, then you will be required to provide child support.  And even if you are not the primary earner, your income will be significantly lesser than before.

In order to survive the divorce financially, you must be prepared to change your lifestyle.  It is also important to get the help of a family lawyer who can provide good divorce advice.  A competent lawyer can also protect your interest during contentious negotiations and arbitration.  So here are some important steps that you can take so you can learn how to financially survive a divorce. 

Avoid Legal Battles That Can Be Costly

Try to avoid drawn out court battles as much as you can.  In most cases, you will lose more money on costly litigation.  So instead of engaging in legal brawls, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse should explore mediation to settle the divorce amicably.A less stressful route is the out of court settlement that can save you a lot of money because you won’t have to pay court costs and legal fees.  Of course, you still need to get legal divorce advice during the mediation process.  However, the cost of legal fees will be a lot lower compared to engaging in continued litigation. 

Change Your Lifestyles

Another important thing you can do to financially survive the divorce is to change your lifestyle.  You have to remember that you will take a financial hit after the divorce.Prepare for this by paying down debts, cutting expenses, limiting credit card usage and other things that you can save money on.You could sell the house and/or the car in order to stop making those payments.You can start over again so that you can cope with your new realities.

Divorce can be a very painful emotional experience.  But you should understand that divorce is also painful financially.  Your financial situation will definitely change after the divorce and it is not for the better.  That is why you need to learn how to financially survive a divorce so you can cope with your new situation.

Cancer Support Groups – The Pros and Cons of Joining and Attending Them During Your Recovery

You've been diagnosed with cancer and are still reeling from the news. I still remember that period, even though I'm now a 11-year survivor. Your family and friends, who you assumed would be your rocks during this experience, are almost as upset and have not been able to provide the support you so badly need. Is a support group the answer?

One of the most famous and influential studies of the efficacy of support groups was conducted by Dr. David Spiegel, a Stanford University psychiatrist. Dr. Spiegel found that breast cancer patients randomly placed in weekly support groups for one year lived markedly longer than controls – patients randomly assigned only to regular medical care.

The study, once touted as the gold standard in research about support groups and survivors, has since been challenged. To confirm the once heralded results, Spiegel and a team of researchers from Stanford designed another study, to replicate their earlier findings that intensive group therapy extended survival times of women with metastatic breast cancer.

Their results? They found that the earlier finding that longer survival was associated with supportive expressive group therapy was not replicated. They also said that although it is possible that psychosocial effects on survival are relevant to a small subsample of women, further research was required to investigate subgroup differences.

Given these findings, should you join a support group or not? The following points are some of the reasons that people find belonging to a cancer support group an integral component of their treatment and healing journey.

  1. Participants develop a new attitude towards their illness. Instead of seeing their cancer diagnosis as simply devastating, many attending support groups find that the group helps them find the gifts in the disease.
  2. With the support of group members, they make the changes in their lives that they think are important and have been putting off.
  3. As a result of sharing information and resources, many cancer support group participants access resources that they might not have been aware of.
  4. There's comfort in belonging to a group that speaks the same language you do, because they've experienced the same things.
  5. There's incredible freedom in being able to be perfectly honest about what you're going through and not having to censure yourself because of your loved ones and friends discomfort with your cancer diagnosis.
  6. They increase the cancer support group members understanding of diagnosis and treatment through other people's experiences.
  7. They learn self care skills.
  8. Strong new friendships can be forged between cancer survivors.

There is no doubt that there are many positive reasons to join a support group. The decision is a highly personal one. But do not feel bad if you find that they are not for you, which was the case for me.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago, I attended two support groups. One was led by a former survivor and it was less structured than the second group that I joined. I found the second group, which was led by a therapist, incredibly depressing. It fueled the incredible amount of fear I was feeling at the time. Because my diagnosis came during the same month that we learned my Mom's primary breast cancer had metastasized, I was riding a big wave of fear and anxiety. Meeting with other survivors whose cancer had metastasized exacerbated my fright. Consequently, instead of feeling the support that many people feel from attending these groups, all I felt was increased fear. I quit the cancer support group after four meetings.

Joining a support group is a personal decision that can only be made by you. If the cancer support group you join is not helping you during your cancer journey, look for another one, either in person or online. Thanks to the Internet and social networking, there are a lot of groups to choose from.

Source by Kathy Santini

Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend – 4 Easy Homemade Gift Ideas That He is Sure to Adore!

Have you been considering gift ideas for your boyfriend that includes gadgets, gizmos, clothes, etc.? Why not make him something instead? Homemade gifts for your boyfriend can be very easy to make and twill also be a lot more meaningful than an impersonal gadget.

You can draw on your memories together and your knowledge of his interests and hobbies to create a truly unique gift that he will adore forever. Want to take a look at a few homemade gift ideas that you can put together very quickly? Here we go –

1. ‘Best of Childhood Gift Basket’ – What did he love as a child? Did he have a favorite book, a favorite dish or a toy he was crazy about? What was his favorite type of candy? Put together a gift basket of all the favorite things he used to love as a child for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

2. ‘Survival Kit’ – What does your boyfriend do? Is he still in college or does he work at a desk job? If he is working, what kind of work does he do? You could easily put together a ‘Survival kit’ geared around the job he does and throw in whatever you think he needs or could use more of.

For instance a ‘Chef’s Survival Kit’ could include lots of exotic spices, a set of knives, a fun book on food, great snack foods etc. If he works at a desk job then you could easily put together an office survival kit. This is a great gift idea for a boyfriend takes his jobs seriously.

3. ‘What a great catch’ collage – How about a collage that portrays what a great catch he is? Just cut out a fishing scene and stick photos of him along with the words ‘What a great catch!’ If you are artistically inclined you could even sketch or paint the entire scene. Have it framed to create a truly marvelous gift!

4. ‘Handmade Journal’ – If he is the type who loves to write a journal would be an ideal gift for him. Create a journal based on his interests. For instance if he loves comics or baseball or formula one racing you could easily create a cover in Photoshop and get it printed.

You can also print out comics or images of baseball stars, formula one cars, drivers etc. and paste them on one side of the journal on every page.  A personalized journal makes a wonderful gift.

You will be creating amazing memories when you give your boyfriend homemade gifts. These types of gifts never go out of style! It might take a little bit of time but at the end of the day your boyfriend will receive a gift that he’s not likely to have ever gotten before.

So use your imagination – I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with more utterly fantastic gift ideas for your boyfriend that he’s sure to deeply treasure!